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Safety Precautions for Men Whose Wives or Girlfriends Call the Police and Make False Allegations

This article provides a list of precautions men should take if their wives or girlfriends threaten to call the police with false allegations of abuse. It also offers advice on what men should do once the police are actually called.

Here’s the link:

What You Should Do If your Wife or Girlfriend Threatens to Call the Police and Make False Allegations

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Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD

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  1. burnout10
    December 10, 2010 at 2:18 am

    Keep in mind that the one thing you can be assured of with a PDI and that’s scheming behavior. These people can smile in your face, tell you how much they love you and in the midst of all this plan on doing you in. I had the unfortunate experience some years back of dealing with my current PDI when we were seperated of facing a protective order. I loaned her some money to help pay our daughter’s daycare bill. When I called to ask for my money back, she refused to answer her cell phone. I called her job but by then the smear campaign had started. The next thing I knew, one of the guy’s that attended the law enforcement academy with me was serving a Domestic Violence Order Summons against me. This is where you need to have critical thinking skill above all else. I read the complaint and there was nothing in the complaint that was current. The complaint stemmed from the bogus call she made to the police 30 days prior to this. Since no report was generated it became a word against word battle. I can not stress enough how important it is for victims of PDI’s to keep a detailed chronology of the behaviors that you deal with. What may seem small to you may be a major point to a judge.
    Long story short, she had a legal aid attorney represent her and prior to entering the court her attorney tried to cut a deal with me that stipulated that I couldn’t own firearms and only contact her pertaining to the children. I blew the attorney off and told her we would be going to trial. My PDI spouse and I have 1 child together and I have raised her 2 children from her first marriage since they were babies. As the trial kicked off, I listened and took notes not to confront but to rebut when I testified. PDI’s are not as smart as they think they are and if you listen to them long enough you will find plenty of gaps in their story. My PDI sat up on the witness stand and admitted to having an affair and that I was the most loving and responsible parent in the world. By the time she got off the witness stand, she was in tears because she was in fear of her life. I sat patiently with my late neighbor as a witness to my character and behavior. When I took the stand the first thing I did was make the judge aware that I had a detailed chronology of events leading up to that day. I read off all that detailed information identifying her behaviors and when the judge asked why I felt my spouse was trying to get an order against me, I replied that it was an abuse of process. The judge dismissed the case but before he gave his final ruling he pointed out to my PDI spouse that he didn’t believe a word she said. He made a point that how could she be so afraid for her own safety but not the children. He saw through her act and I left court vindicated.
    Always be prepared for the unexpected with a PDI. They pllot and scheme constantly so don’t think take them light. Know their strenghts and weaknesses better than they do because you will be able to gauge their attacks before they even attempt. These people are very emotional in their arguments so beat them over the head with facts. The more facts you put on the table the quicker they will back away. Lessons learned the hard way will malke you an expert in dealing with the pathology of a disordered spouse or loved one.

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