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A Domestic Violence Shelter for Pets Opens in Australia, But No Shelter for Men Suffering from Domestic Violence

There’s a new article on www.shrink4men.com. It’s an opinion piece about a new domestic violence shelter for family pets that just opened in Australia. It points out the glaring paucity of domestic violence services for men who are targets of abusive female partners and the absurdity of funding a DV shelter for animals before helping human men and their children.

Here’s the link:

A Domestic Violence Shelter for Pets, But None for Men and their Children: Safe Beds for Pets

Kind Regards,

Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD

  1. Robert
    January 10, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Canadian here. My ex-wife is ADHD-PI (ADD), BiPolar 1, ODD, OCD-Hoarder (all professionally diagnosed). The mother-in-law is BiPolar. Both demonstrate behaviors consistent with Borderline Personality Disorder.. but that often goes part & parcel with BiPolar. I would suggest that I was the one abused over 17 years, all consistent with Dr Tara’s observations here.

    I found out 1st hand what the Police & Court systems do.. My wife has custody of our children after a false DV charge. Dad has a criminal record for “uttering threats” (never did). The mother-in-law moved in with the ex-wife. They both jockey for greatest victim status. You know.. bla bla (my story is so abysmally typical, just like yours). Dr Tara, you have been a great help.

    But just when you think you have come to some terms with a broken “societal consensus” that “all men are abusive” & “all women are just peaches & cream”. PET SHELTERS for DV cases? WTF????

    Let me tell you a story. In my case, we had a family cat.. (Nibbles). I would note that I got more basic “companionship” from the animal than my ex-wife. After separation, my wife got a 2nd cat (Bear) for my son. The mother-in-law brought a 3rd cat (Horton) into their house when she moved in with the ex-wife. Now I could make a comment about the statistical correlation between animal-hoarding & psychologically affected women.. but that is not my point.

    Horton (the 3rd cat) was put down 5 months after the mother-in-law moved in with my kids & ex. The cat had a severe gastrointestinal infection. As part of the process, the vet autopsied the cat. The vet said that beyond the infection, Horton showed signs of broken ribs which had healed over 1 & 1/2 years earlier. The mother-in-law had this cat for a period of 6 years. Do the math..

    The mother-in-law was physically abusing the cat by kicking it regularly!

    But, as I have come to be told by “societal consensus”, the mother-in-law is a woman & as such is not capable of any kind of abuse at all. When will people start to demand that these women get straight-jacketed? I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

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