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Woman Calls in Fake Bomb Threat to Stop Boyfriend from Leaving Her

There’s a new article on www.Shrink4men.com. It’s my take on a strange news item. Chilean woman, Grace Guajardo, phoned in a fake bomb threat to Iberia Airline to stop boyfriend, Rodrigo Gomez, from working abroad was released causing 312 passengers to disembark and be rerouted. She is currently free on bail money paid by Mr Gomez.

Here’s the link:

Woman Calls in False Bomb Threat to Iberia Airline Flight to Stop Boyfriend from Leaving

Kind Regards,

Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD

  1. Danno
    February 16, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Chilean culture seems to be exceptionally tolerant of bad behavior from personality-disordered women. I live in Chile, and my wife is a Chilean who very probably has BPD (seasoned with a touch of NPD). When I tell her that I don’t like the way she treats me, her second most common response (after “You make me angry,”) is, “I’m a woman.” As if that legitimizes the most atrocious, abusive, violent behavior imaginable. She has assaulted me on numerous occasions, including once when I was sleeping in bed, but has called the police on me for swearing at her in a raised voice. I had to appear in family court for that. A woman violently attacking a man is viewed as “cute” or “funny” here.

    Anyway, I’m in for a wild ride now. I have filed for divorce, changed the locks on the house, and obtained exclusive custody of our son. She is royally enraged now. She is out of the country, but is coming back in either two or four weeks (she’s being unclear about the exact date), and she has sworn that she will have her revenge. I am busy turning my property into as impenetrable a fortress as possible. Scary stuff. Everyone thinks she is so sweet and nice, and I’m sure they will think she is justified in committing whatever violence and destruction she has in store for me because I have been so mean to her. How dare I put a stop to her reign of terror. My NPD father is squarely on her side in this. He loves that she has taken up his banner and continued his campaign of mistreating me. I feel like I am being crushed in a vise between these two personality-disordered psychos.

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