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Really Cheesy, Bad Negative Advocate Divorce Attorney Commercials

There’s a new post on www.Shrink4Men.com that shares three cringeworthy divorce lawyer-law firm commercials. I find them just as distasteful as Big PHARMA adverts, if not more so.

Here’s the link:

Cringeworthy Divorce Attorney Commercials

Kind Regards,

Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD

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  1. June 26, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    Dr. Palmatier:

    Thank you for this post. These commercials are demonstrations of the obvious malfunction of conventional divorce practice. They are bad, but if a client seeks these services, there is no mystery about what s/he’s getting.

    This is less pernicious than the manipulations that occur in divorce lawyer offices thousands of times a day and that throw their innocent clients, spouses, and their children into a maelstrom lasting a year or more. The pain, the expense, and the permanent injury is incurred without any benefit to the client. The delivery of these ‘legal services’ violates none of the ‘rules of professional conduct’ prescribed by state and national bar associations.

    There are several root causes for the corruption of this part of the legal system. They include: (a) A surfeit of lawyers; (b) The use of hourly billing as the basis for compensation (common in most practice areas); (c) The idea that the divorce lawyer and the criminal defense lawyer have the same duty to provide clients with vigorous or even “zealous” representation, and (d) The avarice and sense of entitlement now a part of so many professions and occupations.

    My colleagues and I have taken time to analyze, to describe in detail and to publish online the most common divorce lawyer tactics and how they work. If a client understands how s/he can be sucked into the divorce nightmare, s/he has a fighting chance to stay awake. (We are charging a fee for access to our work. Samples are posted divorcelawyercannibals.com.)

    A related but different subject has to do with the essential nature and structure of the divorce process. It can be demonstrated that in an evidence-based family law or mediation practice the psychological divorce is primary. Mental health professionals should therefore have the primary role in providing support and guidance for the clients and their families. This is the kind of work you are trained to do. The legal divorce (and the role of the family law attorney) is secondary or incidental. Attorneys should provide useful legal information and technical services, and we should never place our interests or our own personal values ahead of those of our clients.

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