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The Sound of Crazy: Ex-Girlfriend Stalks and Harasses Her Ex-Boyfriend by Telephone

There’s a new article on www.Shrink4Men.com that illustrates the cycle of abuse, stalking and harassment that abusive, crazy women often subject their husbands and boyfriends to before, during and after the end of their relationship. Real voicemails are used to depict the cycle of shifting emotions, rage, blame, guilt and other emotional and psychological manipulations these women employ.

Here’s the link:

What Does Crazy Sound Like? Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Stalks and Harasses Her Ex-Boyfriend Via Telephone

Shrink4Men Coaching and Consulting Services:

Dr Tara J. Palmatier provides confidential, fee-for-service, consultation/coaching services to help both men and women work through their relationship issues via telephone and/or Skype chat. Her practice combines practical advice, support, reality testing and goal-oriented outcomes. Please visit the Shrink4Men Services page for professional inquiries.

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  1. Tim
    June 18, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Boy after listening to most of those voice mails I thought this was my ex girlfriend or trying to make her my ex… She now wants to be just “friends” and I work with her. How do you maintain no contact when she still insists on me doing what I need to do to make it bearable for her till I can find a new job.
    I have thought of getting her number blocked on my cell but will that work or make her even worse? I just want this over and peace again. And yes she is using all the ploys.. Thanks for your site . She has me thinking Im the bad guy…

  2. Marty
    June 16, 2011 at 5:40 am

    Kh Go for it!!
    You are doin the right thing….. your life? I have just lived it… now after 3 years, she is married to the guy she was having and affair the whole time. After telling everyone I was?? I am still alone, happy and free, you know why?…no contact…no contact…no contact. I can walk past her and am always expressionless. Just as Dr T told me to.

    Life is wonderful, all her freinds and mine now understand even if I don’t see them, I just know.

    Keep it up, it works your life will get better then the best.

  3. Kh
    May 28, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Dr T.,
    I am in total shock right now.. I listened to those recordings, and thought I was listening to my life on recording.. I got divorced after a 19 year marriage. It took almost 2 years of pain and agony to get the divorce, and my ex-wife, hassled me, called me all kinds of names, threatened to ruin my life, called my work trying to get me fired, contacted the police with false allegations, had me arrested, and during this whole time, was calling me and telling me how I ruined our marriage, and cant believe I did this to her.. and asking me if I would move back in with her, and start over… I have finally taken your advice and now I am doing the no contact with her for about 3 months now.. She still tries to contact me, even using the kids to try to relay messages to me, but I’m sticking to the no-contact, and telling my children that I will not discuss anything with them about what their mother wants or needs… thank you for your website, it really has helped me through a rough time in my life, at times it was almost like Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, every time I would hear her voice, I would mentally lock up, and thinking I was probably the only guy in the whole world going through this kind of Hell…..One thing is for sure…. “There are Crazies out there”!!!!!!


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