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Ex-Wife Sets Ex-Husband’s Home on Fire on the Day He Remarries

There’s a new article on www.Shrink4Men.com that discusses the actions of Lynn Ellen Field, the Texas first grade teacher who set her ex-husband’s home on fire after learning he remarried. It also discusses double standards in the U.S. justice system and the importance of choosing romantic partners wisely.

Here’s the link:

Texas Woman Tries to Burn Down Ex-Husband’s Home After Learning He Remarried

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  1. Stefano
    August 8, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Just shocking and I am not the least bit surprised at the lack of standards as far as the justice system. My ex ran to the Police after I had to restrain her from beating me! I held her arms at the top and naturally she had 2 bruises were I hung on for dear life.
    She painted such a picture of me to the cops that they sent 2 cops to arrest me because to them I was going to be a mad man!
    A female officer was most off hand and aggressive towards me as well, anyway I had physical evidence of damage in my home and damage on my person so all the charges got dropped but the cops are so quick to arrest a guy but basically think its funny when you tell them she punched you in the face…My lawyer threatened them that i would be the one pressing charges.

    So you see it is weighted against the man! Even when his record is impeccable…I have never had a fight in my life for goodness sake, not even at school!

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