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Narcissist Dictionary: Friend

Shrink4Men_Narcissist Dictionary_FriendAs discussed in Translating Crazy: Narcissist and Borderline Buzz Words and Phrases, even though narcissists, borderlines and other toxic personalities speak the same language and use the same words as you, they often mean something quite different to the narcissist. If you operate under the belief that narcissists and other abusers use language as defined by most reasonable people and the Merriam Webster Dictionary, you’re setting yourself up for misunderstanding and hurt. It’s generally a mistake to assume good will or intention to a narcissist’s words, promises and declarations.

Words are typically a smokescreen the narcissist employs to confuse and deceive. Narcissists study and observe their prey. They know your hopes, dreams, fears and sources of shame. They know what you want to hear and, when in seduction mode (love bombing), they’ll shamelessly play to that. They’re often such masterful liars, how can you know what’s fact and what’s fiction?



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