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Do Narcissists Ever Hit Rock Bottom?

Drawing Big Hand - Cartoon Businessman Going DownDo narcissists have a line they won’t cross? Is there a low too low for them to go? Do they eventually see the error of their ways? Do they ever hit rock bottom?”  I’ve been asked these questions more times than I can recall. In most cases, what clients are really asking is, “Can my narcissistic wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, child, parent or sibling change? Will they ever get better? Will we ever go back to those halcyon love bombing days?”

Hitting rock bottom is an addictions treatment term. It’s the lowest self-destructive point to which the addict must sink before she or he admits they have a problem and seeks help. Do narcissists ever hit rock bottom? Do they change?

In my experience, the answer is NO. Narcissists may eventually hit a Wall of Accountability, but that’s different than hitting bottom (more on this later). So just how low can a narcissist go?


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