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VIDEO: The Difference Between Genuine Admiration and Love Bombing

Do you know the difference between love bombing and genuine admiration and affection? First,  respect and appreciation don’t occur at first sight. It develops over time. If you’re vulnerable to love bombing, this video discusses how to distinguish between insincere flattery and the real thing.


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  1. thegirlinside2018
    November 26, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    Something I used to think about with my ex, and coming from a background of the whole family being involved in local theater productions, I liken it to when you first meet a CB (Cluster ‘B’) personality disordered person and they make you their mark (because in reality, that is all you are to them), it’s like you are in a theater audience, watching them play the ‘Hero/Heroine’ in all their fine costumes, make-up, scripted words saying just the right things, and if you like musicals, singing the best songs, to woo you (while they are also wooing everyone else in the room, effectively fishing for suckers).
    But once you are in a committed relationship with them (in my case, married and living together), you suddenly are now ‘backstage’ and you get to see them yell at the stagehands, act like a prima donna, scream and cuss in frustration, revealing their true nature, without the lights, applause, costumes, make-up and scripts. But now you feel like you’re stuck with them, so you try to ‘make it work.’ Only, now that they’ve got you, they’re done ‘making it work.’
    I used to call b.s. on people saying, “We got married [/had a kid/lived together/etc] and he/she just ‘changed’ overnight.” But I experienced it myself. I ignored red flags and was raised to be a compliant, people-pleasing codependent (so wouldn’t have known a red flag if was being sewn, raised, and waved right in front of me), but I swear, it was literally like a light switch.

    I was pregnant within three months, and before my daughter was a year old, remember asking quietly “Who ARE you?” after he put a kitten out in a cold barn all night in below zero temps after I’d given her a bath, his excuse being that his mother is allergic to cats (she wasn’t living with us). Of course, the poor thing froze to death. He had the gall to say “The cows were always warm enough.” They’d sold the cows years before. Still makes my cry to think of how the little creature suffered.

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