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Narcissists Are Cheaters [Video]

Why do fish swim? Why do snakes slither? Why do bears poop in the woods? Why do narcissists cheat?

Because that’s who they are and what they do.

To read the article this video was based on, please click HERE.

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  1. July 9, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Excellent video, My narc ex wife , I’m ashamed to say she was living with a partner for the first two years of our relationship, i used to ask her how the partner didnt realise something was going on between us, and she told me proudly her (extreme narcissist)mother had always taught her…. “Deny Deny DEny, Never Apologise, Never Explain”…

    Sadly Over the 20 years we were together i fell victim to this tactic as well, she can deny deny deny truths that she knows i know, because if she denies it, theres no alternative , no closure. She can also ensure everybody knows i am jealous and make false accusations..

    And I dont know if its a fairly common cluster B behaviour, but after she has told a lie more than two or three times it almost becomes fact, no it does become a fact in her head, and as she’s repeated it to her enablers, they can corroborate these facts

    She had a number of inappropriate relationships over the years , from flings, to dallaiances , to fulll blown affairs, and she was descriibing herself to somebody as a ‘serial monogamist’ a few weeks ago. I did have to remind her that our relationship started two years before her last one was over. And looking back i think it went on for quite a few months after she left him as well..

    Tells when lying….the easiest one to spot was her dragging up old lies from the past and saying that I don’t believe her version of events and am punishing her and harming our relationship by not believing her. When I NEVER bring up these past lies, she is the only one who did. I called it Lady MacBeth syndrome, ‘Out damn spot!’

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