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Cosmopolitan Magazine: Sometimes the Truth Hurts

I Stumbled Upon this last night and got a real kick out of it. For those of you who don’t know, Cosmopolitan is a dreadful women’s magazine that panders to . . . how can I word this without seeming harsh? I can’t. It panders to braindead, oversexed, materialistic, gold digging (is that redundant?), narcissistic, “career gals.” The magazine is beyond superficial–expect for the occasional article on “What You Need to Know About HPV,” etc. and targets the lowest common denominator.

If you’re girlfriend reads Cosmo you may want to flip through it. The relationship advice this mag/rag dishes out will probably explain a lot about your relationship. This illustration is by sandossu via Flickr and Incredimazing:

COSMOPOLITAN: Sometimes the truth hurts.


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