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Emotional Vampires: How Emotionally Abusive Women Screw You Up Flow Chart

I found this flow chart while looking for images for a new post I’m writing. I think it’s a good summary of what happens when you’re involved with an emotionally abusive individual.

emotional vampire flow chartThe text is a little small, so here’s a summary:

1. Normal person feels love, gives care to

2. Emotional vampires and monsters (disguised as regular people) who

3. Rip you apart, reciprocate lovingly, suck you dry!, and disappear unpredictably. Intermittent reinforcement results in

4. Pavlovian fear and vigilance, which inspires you to

5. Run away and declare

6. No vampires and you undertake

7. Hard work which results in

8. Good relationships that are

9. Open, honest, loyal and consistent except that occasionally you respond with

4. Pavlovian fear and vigilance to the non-vampire showing you care and love and repeat steps 4-9. Except that in time, you go around this loop less often and your relationships stabilize with a non-emotional vampire.

Photo credit: clevergirl.

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