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I Ain’t Saying She’s a Gold Digger: Entitled Wall Street Wives Bail on Their Husbands

Extra! Extra! The Wall Street crisis is having a far greater impact than previously imagined! In addition to taxpayer-funded bailouts, tens of thousands of layoffs of hardworking people, banks600children whose parents have lost health care, mortgage foreclosures and a rising homeless population, there’s another casualty of the financial meltdown: The wives, girlfriends and mistresses of Wall Street bankers, financiers, and traders.

According to the New York Times article, It’s the Economy, Girlfriend: “Once it was seen as a blessing in certain circles to have a wealthy, powerful partner who would leave you alone with the credit card while he was busy brokering deals. Now, many Wall Street wives, girlfriends and, increasingly, exes, are living the curse of cutbacks in nanny hours and reservations at Masa or Megu. And that credit card? Canceled.”

Wow, where do I begin? How about their seemingly gross lack of emotional support for men whom they supposedly love? Instead of helping their husbands and boyfriends, they’ve formed a “support group” where they mourn the loss of their carefree shopping sprees and weekends in the Hamptons. The craziest thing about this gaggle of entitled, shallow women is that they actually take themselves seriously. I’m waiting for their televised charity benefit, “Blahniks for Selfish Chicks.” Maybe Bono will perform?

“They shared their sad stories the other night at an informal gathering of Dating a Banker Anonymous, a support group founded in November to help women cope with the inevitable relationship fallout from, say, the collapse of Lehman Brothers…In addition to meeting once or twice weekly for brunch or drinks at a bar or restaurant, the group has a blog…that invites women to join ‘if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life.'”

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale lists being fired from work, business readjustment, change in financial state, change to different line of work, change in responsibilities at work, and starting a new job in the top 20 highly stressful life events index. Instead of offering understanding and reducing their spending, the women depicted in this NYT articlegold-digger whine about canceled credit cards, their husbands/boyfriends being too distracted to pay attention to them, and cutbacks on dining out and vacations. Cry me a river.

These women blame the economy for their current relationship troubles, and not, oh, I don’t know, their utter lack of empathy and fair weather affections. Yes, their relationships have suffered because of the economic downturn, but you have to ask, did these women really love these men or the lifestyle they afforded them when they were living off the their husband’s/boyfriend’s fat salaries?

Several of their relationships with F.B.F.’s (Financial Guy Boyfriends) have ended. They also attribute this to job stress, failing to take into account their self-centered responses and selfish insistence for more material goods. One woman recounts that her boyfriend told her to “grow up” and stop “complaining about vacations and dinner” since he had to “fire 20 people by the end of the week.” Good for him.

Here’s a thought: If you want more Jimmy Choos and trips to the Caribbean, pay for it with money that you earn and if you can’t, STOP COMPLAINING. It’s easy to be loving when times are high; the real test of a relationship is when the chips and stocks are down. It’s extremely difficult to feel sorry for these women, however, you have to wonder about the kind of men who were attracted to them.

Looks like these guys used the same faulty judgment in their choice of relationships as they did in the financial market: High short-term yield, but worthless when the market crashes. It just goes to show how out of touch some of these Wall Street guys and their entitled, pilot fish girlfriends/wives actually are. I guess they missed Obama’s message of personal responsibility, pitching in and working hard. Can you declare emotional bankruptcy?


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Photo credits: Spoiled Women Anonymous on NYT.

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