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The Danger of Emotional Reasoning

There’s a new article on that discusses the dangers of emotional reasoning particularly in the context of abusive relationships. It also attempts to explain why we, as a culture, tend to make excuses for abusive and violent women.

Here’s the link:

Welcome to the Land of Emotional Reasoning: I’d Turn Back if I Were You


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DARVO: Deny, Attack and Reverse Victim and Offender

There’s a new article on that discusses DARVO, a phenomenon that occurs in abusive relationships when a husband or boyfriend attempts to hold his abusive wife or abusive girlfriend accountable. Instead of holding herself accountable, the abusive woman denies her abusive behavior, blames her husband and then makes herself out to be the victim. The post also offers advice on how to protect yourself from it.

Here’s the link:

Presto, Change-o, DARVO: Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender

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