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Tracy West Makes False Rape Allegations Against Ex to Steal Custody of their Son, Costs Tax Payers Thousands of Dollars and the State of California Refuses to Prosecute Her

There’s a new article on that discusses the false rape charges fabricated by Tracy West made against her ex-boyfriend in order to deny him custody by spending the rest of his life in jail. Even though Mr Gonzalez was declared innocent and awarded full primary custody of their son, the State of California refuses to file charges against Tracy West for making false allegations and costing tax payers and her ex hundreds of thousands of dollars. She also gets to see the son every weekend without supervision. So much for the courts protecting the innocent and the best interests of children.

Here’s the link:

Ex-Girlfriend Tracy West Makes False Rape Allegations Against Her Son’s Father to Gain Sole Custody and the State of California Refuses to Prosecute Her

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