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Dirty Tricks in High-Conflict Custody Disputes, Part 1: Be Prepared

There’s a new article on that discusses common dirty tricks used by high-conflict people and/or abusive personality disordered individuals who refuse to cooperate and be responsible co-parents. It prepares the non-HCP and non-disordered parents for what to expect when they share custody with a parent who is determined to obstruct parental access and alienate the children from the other parent.

Here’s the link:

Family Court Minefields: Dirty Tricks Used by High-Conflict People in Custody Disputes and Parallel Parenting, Part 1

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Just for Fun: Professional Referee Training Video

There’s a new post on of a funny Budweiser commercial that depicts how professional referees train at home: being yelled at by an abusive, high-conflict wife.

Here’s the link:

How a Professional Referee Trains for Work at Home: An Abusive, High-Conflict Wife

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