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Blame and Rage: What Narcissists and Borderlines Call Problem-Solving

Emotionally immature people typically have poor problem-solving skills, or a complete lack of them. In intimate relationships, narcissists and borderlines bully, guilt trip, play the victim, throw tantrums, become physically violent, destroy property, disappear, give the silent treatment, name-call, blame shift and engage in other dysfunctional behaviors to silence criticism, evade accountability and justify not making healthy behavioral changes.

Codependents, on the other hand, avoid the conflict, people-please, take the blame for things that aren’t their responsibility, ignore, minimize, guilt trip, behave passive-aggressively, disappear or give the silent treatment in an effort to avoid conflict to preserve relationships. None of theses behaviors are healthy or emotionally mature. Nor do they resolve conflict or other relationship issues in ways that are mutually satisfying.

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