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Sex with a Borderline: Confusing Intensity and Pathology for Intimacy and Passion, Part 1 [Video]

In this video, I debunk the urban legend that borderlines and narcissists are some kind of mythical, magical sexual virtuosos to which healthier (i.e., non-disordered) women and men can’t compare. It’s rubbish.

Furthermore, if you continue to repeat the falsehood you’re undermining your own healing. Once you accept that you have value and worth, you won’t require a narcissist or borderline to love bomb you into an imitation of self-esteem. Additionally, you’ll no longer mythologize the people who have abused and exploited you.

I also explore the characteristics and attributes necessary in order to have real emotional and sexual intimacy. As well as the lack of these qualities and capabilities in personality disordered individuals.

YouTube discussion here.

Facebook discussion here.

Sex with a Borderline: Confusing Intensity and Pathology for Intimacy and Passion, Part 1

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  1. Curtis Lloyd Gerhart
    December 30, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    I have your book and love your posts. I don’t merely read them, I glean. As far as intimacy and in my case, it was only there when she wanted something. What you share in your video was never there. Celibacy was the norm. I spent most of my life then learning what real Love is all about. At 59, I am now working on my doctorate on leadership with its foundation on Real Love. My narcissist ex has taught me so much of what real Love is by the law of contrast. She has been one of my best teachers. In “The Narcissism Epidemic,” Drs. Twenge and Campbell share the problem that is in our culture and relationships. Research is showing that men are fed up and opting out of marriage. Love is not even in the equation. Funny how many women can’t figure out why and the feminists, as typical, blame the men. Real Love is the key to curing this epidemic, but then Real Love is more about others than self. My definition is, “Real Love is that which causes one person to desire the most good to come to another person and is willing to do whatever is necessary to bring it about.” Sometimes the necessary good is our absence. It is just the “givers” initially are attracted to narcissists because it satisfies their giving natures, but soon they find there is no reciprocity. There is only taking. Real Love is about giving and receiving through nurturing and growth. Givers enjoy seeing growth in others and self. One will never see that in a narcissist. Many times, due to legal obligations, the giver feels stuck. What the media portrays and the research shows is not the same. You are helping a great deal of men to learn and become wise to toxic people, and yes, women too. I applaud your work and tell damaged men to seek out your website. If you ever are giving a seminar or talk in the Nashville, Tennessee area drop me a line. I will drop everything to attend.

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