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How Narcissists and Borderlines Abuse Text Messages and Emojis

Shrink4Men_Red Flags_Expresses feelings primarily through emoji via text messagesAs part of my work with clients, I sometimes review text communications from abusive and likely personality disordered spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends and exes. It’s not exactly what one would describe as enjoyable reading material. Much of it is venomous, relentless, dictatorial and angry bloviating sentence fragments or walls of text dripping with entitlement. The texts are often written and sent in a staccato, rapid fire assault. In many cases, whether the recipient responds or not is irrelevant. They just keep text, text, text, texting.

Clients share these messages for different reasons. Some are looking for validation that they’re not crazy and that their partner’s behavior is, in fact, abusive. Some want to know if the texts or emails will help them in their divorce or custody cases. Some clients want help determining what messages to respond to and which to ignore as they begin Low Contact and BIFF communication (brief, informative, firm, friendly business-like) due to shared children (no kids – No Contact). Some want help understanding what they’re doing wrong. Typically, what they’re doing wrong is engaging in pointless, circular arguments they can’t win or JADE-ing (justifying, arguing, defending, explaining) to someone who manufactures pointless, circular arguments they can’t win.


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  1. PRAV
    April 28, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    I can connect myself with this very well.
    The circular argument, the text messages and social media texts, proving self-innocence… Only the receivers know..what each word means.Everyone else will presume. it’s so beautiful expression.

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